High Kirk Diary

Welcome to the High Kirk Diary. The view defaults to the current week, but you can move up and down the Calendar a week at a time by using the Arrow buttons. Alternatively you can jump to a particular date but need to use the "DD-MM-YYYY" date format to do so.


Scheduled Events
Time Event Location Details View
Sunday 26th March 2017
10:30 Morning Service High Kirk Sanctuary
17:00 New Horizons Hayocks Community Centre

Help on the Church Diary           

The Diary page looks fairly intimidating, but actually it's fairly easy to find your way around it. The top section marked "Views" is where you can change what week, Category or Activity you're looking at. In this Diary, weeks run from Sunday to Saturday.

The lower section will either display all the events happening in a particular week (by default the current week), or a list of all of the events in a given Category, or a list of all the incidences of a particular kind of event. You can even specify a particular event to jump to, but you must specify the the date in the format "DD-MM-YYYY".
Views The Display
  • <<: Moves the week of events displayed back by one week
  • Specifying a date: You can simply type any date in the box, click on "Go!", and the Diary will "move" to the week during which that date falls. Remember that the date must be specified in the format "DD-MM-YYYY"
  • >>: Moves the week of events displayed forward by one week
  • This Week: Wherever the Diary is currently pointing to, this will move it to the current week
  • Next Week: Wherever the Diary is currently pointing to, this will move it to next week
  • Show All: Shows all of the entries in the Diary at once (long list).
  • Choose a Category to View: Categories are wider than templates and may incorporate different kinds of events.
  • View instances of an activity: This gives you a brief list of all of the Diary entries created using a given template.
There are two ways in which events are displayed in the Diary: When viewing a week of events, they're grouped by date and the date displayed as a heading.

When viewing a llist of events in a given category, or ones of a particular type, the events are just presented in a list with the different dates shown on each individual item.

In either case, you can click on the "View" button on the right-hand side to see full details of the event.

Events with a grey background have already taken place.