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Church Documents

There are a number of documents available for viewing and/or download from this site. These are categorised by the subject matter and also sub-categorised by the file format. You can reduce the number of documents visible by filtering particular categories or particular file formats. If your browser can display the file, it will, but if not you will be able to download the file.
Documents Currently Held
File Format Size File Ok?
Autumn 2007 PDF 4.4Mb
Autumn 2008 PDF 4.1Mb
Autumn 2009 PDF 2.6Mb
Autumn 2010 PDF 2.2Mb
Autumn 2011 PDF 8.4Mb
Autumn 2012 PDF 4.1Mb
Autumn 2013 PDF 3.2Mb
Autumn 2014 PDF 17.9Mb
Autumn 2015 PDF 12.7Mb
Autumn 2017 PDF 951k
Autumn 2018 PDF 7.5Mb
Spring 2007 PDF 3.1Mb
Spring 2008 PDF 2.6Mb
Spring 2009 PDF 1.9Mb
Spring 2010 PDF 2.1Mb
Spring 2011 PDF 2.7Mb
Spring 2012 PDF 5.4Mb
Spring 2013 PDF 4.3Mb
Spring 2014 PDF 17.5Mb
Spring 2015 PDF 7.7Mb
Spring 2018 PDF 11.2Mb
Spring 2019 PDF 3.5Mb
Summer 2007 PDF 4.5Mb
Summer 2008 PDF 4.9Mb
Summer 2009 PDF 2.6Mb
Summer 2010 PDF 1.8Mb
Summer 2011 PDF 17.3Mb
Summer 2012 PDF 5.6Mb
Summer 2013 PDF 1.2Mb
Summer 2014 PDF 15.5Mb
Summer 2015 PDF 11.1Mb
Summer 2017 PDF 6.1Mb
Summer 2018 PDF 11.3Mb
Winter 2007 PDF 4.3Mb
Winter 2008 PDF 2.7Mb
Winter 2009 PDF 2.1Mb
Winter 2010 PDF 1.4Mb
Winter 2011 PDF 19.3Mb
Winter 2012 PDF 990k
Winter 2013 PDF 13.6Mb
Winter 2014 PDF 8.9Mb
Winter 2015 PDF 4.4Mb
Winter 2017 PDF 9.8Mb
Winter 2018 PDF 12Mb
File Format Size File Ok?
Members Handbook PDF 978k
Membership Profile 01 PDF 71k
Membership Profile 02 PDF 132k
Membership Profile 03 PDF 47k
Welcome Booklet (new) PDF 1.3Mb
File Format Size File Ok?
Wedding Planner 2015 NUMBERS 186k
Baptism & Dedication 2010 PDF 638k
Baptism (application) PDF 149k
Funeral Form (online) PDF 806k
Funeral Information (2015) PDF 6Mb
Marriage Vows PDF 61k
Online Application PDF 287k
Wedding (Service Sheet) PDF 202k
Wedding Application PDF 203k
Wedding Letter PDF 30k
File Format Size File Ok?
Beloved Jesus PDF 707k
I shall arise (piano) PDF 577k
If my people PDF 78k
What Grace (Scottish Melody) PDF 409k
What Grace (violin) PDF 352k
What Grace! PDF 1.8Mb
File Format Size File Ok?
Prayer Walk PDF 331k
Praying For Your Church PDF 299k
Revival Prayer PDF 990k

Help on Church Documents

We have a considerable number of documents stored on our server that you can view and/or download. These ranges from back copies of "The Challenge", our quarterly Church magazine, to advice and guidance on a variety of topics. Most of the documents here are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not already have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can grab it here.

Viewing the list Downloading
  • Categories: The list of documents is quite long. You can restrict what's whown to a particular Category simply by clicking on "Show All Categories" and selecting one particular Category.
  • File Formats: As stated above, most of the documents are in PDF format, but not all. To restrict the list to one particular File Format, just select one from the drop-down list.
  • Viewing a Document: When you click on the Document Title button, your browser will attempt to display the document to you.
  • Downloading: If your browser cannot display the document or file, it will download it onto your system. If it displays the document and you wish to download the document, you can generally right-click on the displayed page and then click on "Save As" to download it onto your system.
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