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Eulogy Form

This form is merely a guide to what information is normally required for a Memorial Service. The Minister will gather the information together and can write the family eulogy for you. Alternatively, you may wish to write your own tribute which the Minister can read out, or a family member may wish to give the tribute on the day of the funeral.
You appear to have made at least one application for a Funeral at the High Kirk.
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Funeral Applications
Deceased Date of Application Edit
John Sweeney senior 15-Dec-2017
John Sweeney senior 16-Dec-2017
Mary (Moyra) Hunter 13-Mar-2019
Mary (Moyra) Hunter 13-Mar-2019

Help on Writing a Eulogy

This form looks fairly big and intimidating, but you don't have to complete it all at one go. If you've already registered on the site, the section with your details is completed automatically. If you haven't already registered on the site, please make sure you complete the "Your Details" section first. That will have the effect of registering you on the site as well and now when you save the form (however little or much of it you've managed to complete), the system will be able to call the application backl for you the next time you come to it. At any time you can just click on "Save" at the bottom of the form to save whatever changes you've made. If you're uncomfortable apllying for a Funeral this way, please don't worry: there is a Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of this form that you can download, print out and complete by hand instead, if you prefer.

Your Details Part A. Personal Information
  • Why?: We need to be able to contact you and the system needs to be able to recognise you if you save a partially completed Form and need to return to it later on. If you've not already registered on the site, completing this section, at least, will create a Site Profile for you with a Username that is your full name with no spaces (eg: "JohnSmith") and a Password that is exactly the same as your Username (eg: "JohnSmith"). The system should log you in automatically when you next visit.
  • What to complete: We just need your full name, Postal Address including PostCode, Email Address if you have one, and at least one contact telephone number.
  • Funeral Directors: Please let us know who will be handling the funeral arrangements for you. If the Funeral Directors are not local, please include which town they're from.
  • Dates: Just select the Day, Month and year from the drop-down lists to create the date in question.
  • Name of Deceased: Full name, please
  • Place of Birth: The text will automatically scroll if you need more space.
  • Place of Upbringing: You only need to complete this if it's different from the Place of Birth
  • Cause of Death: We only need brief details.
Part B. Family Details Part C. The Tribute
  • Marital Status: Just select from the drop-down list. If nothing fits, just put something in the "Other" box alongside.
  • Name of Spouse: Please include any maiden or previous names
  • Date of Wedding: Just select the Day, Month and year from the drop-down lists to create the date.
  • Family & Friends: In each of these boxes just show a list of names. Hitting will drop you down to the next line for the next name. In the section for "Other Close Friends & Family", please give some details of that person's relationship to the deceased (eg: "Work Colleague")
  • Parents: Please give their details only if they're still living.
  • Schooling: Please give as much detail as you can of which schools they attended, University if that's applicable, as well as details of any particular qualifications gained.
  • Working Life: Please include as much detail as possible, including occupation, Company or Organisation they were working for and the dates between which they were employed there. Please indicate what was their main occupation.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Please give as much detail as possible. Please give details of any particular achievements.
  • Personality: This section is all about what kind of person they were (eg: caring, loved life, struggled with illness/pain, determined, independent, strong-willed, gentle, approachable, life and soul, positive outlook, experienced problems in life, reserved, strong faith, etc.)
Part D. The Funeral Service Family Tribute
  • Type of Service: Please check the option that applies.
  • Hymns: Please choose two or three hymns, depending on the number of venues
  • Reception: If you would like the Pastor to announce details of any Reception after the Funeral Service, please give details here.
  • Purpose: Please use this Section only if you and the deceased's family would rather compile and write their own Tribute. Otherwise the Pastor will compile and pen a Tribute from the details you've provided in Part C of the Form.
Completing This Form
  • Large Text Boxes: The larger text boxes in this form that are several lines deep can contain as much text as you want. Scroll Bars will appear automatically as you type. You can even drag the bottom right-hand corner of the box to make it appear larger.
  • Save!!!!: Please do not forget to click on "Save" at the bottom of the form each time you make any changes to it, as otherwise any changes you've made will be lost.
  • Take your time: There's absolutely no need to complete all of this form at one sitting. You can revisit it as many times are you need.
  • Emailing the Form: When you're completely satisfied that all the required information has been put into the form, Please change the radio button for "Email this form to the Minister" to "Yes" (It always defaults to "No") before clicking on "Save" and then all of the details on the Form will be automatically emails to the Minister when the form is saved.
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