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For a number of years we have been supporting the ministry of Martin Dudgeon who had been serving with Asia Link. Recently, Martin and his brother have felt God’s leading in a new chapter of ministry, which is called Platform 67.
What is Platform 67 All About?
Psalm 67 is one of the great missionary Psalms - “That your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” A platform is simply a stage from which to proclaim it - loudly and clearly!

Our joy is to see the Lord praised everywhere! We want His glory to fill every corner of creation.

We love to support indigenous ministries among the world’s least-reached peoples. Our job is to equip, encourage and enable excellent, locally-led, Gospel work by those already on the front-lines and connect you with what God is doing there.

There is plenty to do: 2.8 billion people remain not just lost but, unless someone goes to tell them, the likelihood is that they will live and die without ever hearing the Good News in a way that they can understand.
Why do we do it?
Practically, we want to keep missions as simple, efficient and effective as possible.

Biblically, our overarching vision is to see God praised among the hard-to-reach, the under-reached and the least-reached around the world. We can’t think of any better reason to be alive today!

How we do it?
  1. Preaching and missions teaching – a platform for growing
    We firmly believe that the local church is at the heart of effective cross-cultural Gospel work. We therefore invest energy in helping churches everywhere in their Biblical understanding of mission. We want every church to have a great platform to work from.

  2. Projects and partnerships among the least-reached – a platform for giving
    The first rule of good mission is networking. We therefore work through partnerships with like-minded movements, churches, agencies, and grassroots workers the world over to provide you with projects that bring about change. You can help financially and pray intelligently for them. We have amassed some fabulous ministry friends, humble men and women at the sharp edge of gospel work. We’d love to introduce you to them and have you bless them and them bless you!

  3. Relevant, intelligent and regular prayer material – a platform for praying
    We’ll provide you with timely, informed material from places you may never have even heard of. If you want to engage in world missions, this is your starting point.

Almost three billion have never had the opportunity to hear of Christ. No one has ever told them. Other regions are increasingly post-Christian where the reality of a saving Gospel has all but vanished. We work to see God praised where He is least known.
  • Bible-less Peoples
    Some places don’t allow Bibles. Others restrict quantities desperately needed. We help in regions where new believers are miraculously emerging from dominant religions and are hungry for God’s Word.

  • Hard-to-reach Places
    Not everyone rolls out the red carpet for the Good News. We look for those tough places on earth where missionary attrition is high, opposition is fierce, and suffering is part of the normal Christian life. Such places are often home to ethnic peoples who need Jesus.

  • Frontier Evangelism
    We are determined to ensure evangelists are sent out to the world’s remaining virgin fields. We partner with humble preachers and itinerant evangelists with local accountability, languages and cultural awareness, prioritising those regions where there are few or no churches.

  • On the Move
    Europe’s refugees may have hit the headlines but they are just a few of the world’s 65 million displaced and scattered peoples. Platform 67 partners with excellent, hands-on ministries to bring both food and shelter as well as life and light to the masses around our increasingly borderless world.

  • Digital Life
    The earth is more connected than ever before. That means that our methods of evangelism and discipleship are becoming digitally connected. There are opportunities around the world to create simple digital tools to help disciple-making efforts. You can also help make Bibles available using digital platforms.

  • Love Europe
    With more than 200 spoken languages and 800 million people, it seems impossible to reach the 98% of Europeans who have no relationship with Christ. There are, however, some fantastic European-led ministries emerging. We help Gospel efforts into disinterested communities, resourcing believers to live Godly lives and witness in their own cultures.

  • Crescent Hope
    More Muslims are coming to Christ today than at any point in history - but they need help. We provide culturally-appropriate training materials for new believers and encouragement for indigenous evangelists. In short we help by whatever means to get the Good News to the ancient cultures of the world.

  • Project Timothy
    We want to make sure the Christian faith is passed on to the next generation. We search out excellent in-context Bible training ministries, those that disciple the many coming to Christ, equipping them to train new leaders and plant new churches everywhere. All our partners stand firmly in the evangelical tradition.


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