Registration on the site is not the same thing as being a member of the High Kirk. You are free to use most of this site whether or not you are a member and whether you have registered on the site or not, but even if you are a Member of the High Kirk there will be some parts of the site that you cannot use fully unless you have registered on the site and are logged into it.

You do not have to register in order to view most of this site.

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You do not have to provide an Email Address, Postal Address or any telephone numbers in order to register on the site.

If, however, you are a Member of Stevenston High Kirk it will assist us greatly to make sure that our records are up-to-date. Even if not actually a Member, if you regularly attend our services and/or activities, it would help us to keep in contact with you.

Information you provide here will be visible to those people who help to run the High Kirk website. The information will not be visible on the public side of the site unless you are a nominated Contact for one of the Churches activities.
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As stated on the Registration page, you do not have to register in order to use this site. It gains you no additional privileges nor access to anything. If you are e Member of the High Kirk or regularly attend our Services, we would prefer you to register, if only so that we know we have up-to-date contact details for you, but it's entirely up to you.

If you register: Please pick a Nickname to use when logging into the site. Please also give us your full name.
Contact Details Options
  • Email Address: When you register, we send an email to that address asking you click on a link to confirm (1) that it is a valid email address and (2) that it was the owner of that email address that registered.
  • Postal Address: Immaterial to us if you're not a member of the High Kirk ot regularly attend our Services.
  • Phone Numbers: As with the Postal Address, we don't want your Phone Number unless you attend the High Kirk, but it really does help us if you do come to the High Kirk
  • Password: You are asked to provide a Password when you register. This can be any combination of letters, numbers or symbols that you like. Once you have registered, you cannot change your password via the Registration Page: It needs to be done by clicking on "Session Utilities" instead. You can also reset your password via the Login page if you've forgotten it.
  • Prayer Requests: We have a Prayer Requests page and if you set this option to "Yes", the system will email you details of any prayer requests that we receive.
  • Automatic Login: Set this to "Yes" if you want the system to log you in automatically when you visit the site. If you set this to "No", you'll have to log in manually.
  • Menu Style: There are two options here, Dynamic or Static.
    • Dynamic: SubMenus is only displayed for the section of the site you are currently visiting. Left-hand Menu is more compact but it takes an extra click to move to some parts of the site
    • Static: All of the SubMenus are displayed all the time. This makes it easier for you to move around the site, but the Left-Hand Menu is quite long.
  • Email verified: We send an automatic email to the email address you supply when you first register. If you've clicked on the link in the email, then you've verified your email address, but otherwise not. If your email has not yet been verified, editing and saving your record will cause the email to be resent if the "Verify my Email Address" checkbox is checked.